Disability Learning

Approaching Disability Learning from a Different Angle

Director of Play Anything Music Therapy, Carlin McLellan is passionate, experienced and committed to supporting people from all walks of life to achieve their goals to learn and play music. 

As a registered music therapist with the Australian Music Therapy Association, Carlin utilises a range of disability learning techniques in his approach to supporting people with disability. We work side-by-side with speech and occupational therapists to address physical, emotional, and social goals. Play Anything Music Therapy create individualised treatment plans to help you achieve your goals, with the understanding that each person has unique requirements and skills.

The Importance of Disability Resources for Learning

It is essential that people living with disability have access to high quality learning and educational resources to satisfy their learning requirements and support the achievement of their life goals. 

  • When children face challenges forming relationships with their peers or other people, disability learning and skill development play an important role in a child’s development of cognitive, social and communication skills. Music therapy can help these children to make progress, improving communication by enabling them to identify their feelings and the corresponding responses that music elicits.

  • The diverse learning opportunities that music therapy presents allows many individuals to do just that in a safe and inclusive environment.


What Sets Play Anything Music Therapy Apart Regarding Teaching Students with Disability? 

To help our clients reach their potential and improve their social, emotional and communication skills, we believe that we must get to know them on a personal level. We set goals based on individual needs. If a client is unable to attend therapy sessions at our studio, we also offer a mobile and online service—we will come to your home or accommodate you through our online therapy services.

With over a decade of experience in the disability field as well as an understanding that each individual has a unique set of needs and strengths, we offer a range of programs and resources to best help you reach your goals. 

  • In addition to our online learning resources, music therapy can assist with improving many aspects of daily life that a client may be struggling with, including focus and cognitive skills, language and communication skills, and motor control.

  • Using evidence-based approaches, we are a world leader in the use of music technology to facilitate accessible music-making for all people, regardless of their age or abilities. Using a combination of traditional and adaptive instruments we believe technology plays a pivotal role in making music fun, accessible and motivating.

  • Our goal is to work with individuals in creating a treatment plan that is as unique as they are and to assist them in expressing themselves meaningfully through music.

For over a decade our client-centred practice draws upon a wealth of experience and knowledge by remaining involved and committed to working with individuals and families living with disability. We have also been fortunate to work with a variety of people from many different backgrounds—we are adept at remaining aware of each person’s needs and individuality. Whether it involves singing, playing the drums, dancing, moving to music, songwriting, or jamming out on our huge selection of high quality instruments, we believe that there is a musical pathway that will resonate with each individual. 

Why Trust Play Anything Music Therapy Regarding Disability Learning and Support?

Struggling to find ways for a loved one to connect with his or her community, interests, and abilities? 

Driven by the latest developments in research and evidence-based practice, we make use of a variety of strengths-based learning activities to work towards meeting the physical, social, and emotional needs of people of all ages and from all walks of life, enabling them to increase their independence and achieve specific functional goals. We are an approved NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provider.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can develop a treatment plan or learning pathway to assist you in reaching your musical and developmental goals.


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