How Our eBooks Support Learning In A Fun and Motivating Way

In addition to providing music therapy at our studio and online, we offer a range of online resources that enable you to learn music.

Today, there is a vast array of information and resources to assist with learning and development for children with additional needs. It can be overwhelming and exhausting to sift through mountains of information to find activities that are simple, effective and engaging. 


At Play Anything Music Therapy, we’re a unique company headed by Registered Music Therapist Carlin McLellan. Carlin is a passionate advocate and a world leader in the innovative use of technology to facilitate accessible music making. Carlin has over a decade of experience working in the disability field, working alongside educators and allied health professionals to create innovative learning methods using evidence-based approaches. Our music therapy programs and learning resources draw upon Carlin’s in-depth experience supporting people from a diverse range of backgrounds and abilities. Our learning resources are informed by over a decade of on the ground experience combined with the latest peer-reviewed research in music therapy and education. 


Let’s explore music eLearning in more detail. You’ll find out why learning with music can be so beneficial and how we’ve become a trusted name in our industry.

The Importance of Learning Music eBooks

With our Music eBooks, we’ve seen that individuals of all abilities can play piano and keyboard using our accessible and fun online resources. Currently, you can purchase three of our interactive books in PDF form: Everyone Can Play! Songbook; How to Play Chords; and Every Day Music Therapy. If you want to find out whether these options are the right fit for you, check out our comprehensive online resources.

Why can playing and learning music be so beneficial to an individual’s development?

  • Aid with disability learning in a fun and non-intimidating way: Learning music is one of the most fun and effective ways to teach children with a learning disability a new skill that will provide them with joy and a sense of mastery throughout their lives. Music-making can also help boost confidence, communication, self-expression, and self-esteem.

  • Reduce symptoms anxiety and stress: Research shows that playing and listening to music can reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. A 2019 systematic review published in the journal Health Psychology Review found that music interventions had an overall significant effect on stress reduction for both physiological and psychological outcomes, including reduced heart-rate, lower blood pressure and reduced cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

  • Musical training improves the brain's executive functioning. Executive function involves important tasks such as processing and retaining information, controlling behavior, making decisions, and problem solving.

What Sets Play Anything Music Therapy Apart Regarding Learning Resources for Parents? 

All our learning resources are developed by Registered Music Therapist Carlin McLellan with the primary objective allowing people of all abilities to experience the joy and benefits of music making. Drawing upon over a decade of experience in the disability field as well as holding a BA (Psychology) from Newcastle University and a Masters in Creative Music Therapy from Western Sydney University, Carlin incorporates his breadth of knowledge to ensure that our learning resources are simple to follow and easy to understand for parents and children. Carlin is a certified NDIS registered provider and a practicing member of the Australian Music Therapy Association.

Besides our experience, commitment and vision, what else sets us apart?

  • Our adaptive approach: We know that all people learn differently based on their needs and interests. At its core our approach is strengths-based and person-centred.  We always take the time to understand our clients and their goals so that we can create individualised programs to best assist you to reach your goals.

  • Our ability to make music eLearning genuinely fun: Learning how to play an instrument should be a fun experience and one that provides enjoyment for life. Whether you want a disability learning eBook to assist with a child’s development or a ‘Learn the Piano and keyboard book’ to improve your own skill, you can feel confident that our range of online learning resources will guide you through that process, keep you motivated and eager to learn.

Discover the benefits of playing music today

At Play Anything Music Therapy, we care deeply about our clients and our mission to help maximise the benefits that our clients can gain through music therapy. Using our eBooks and online resources you can learn at your own pace, while knowing you are taking a positive step to improve your own wellbeing by incorporating a regular music-making practice into your life.


If you’re interested in our disability learning resources, don’t hesitate to call us. Alternatively, you can order your music eBook now. Support a loved one’s growth or start ticking one more dream off your bucket list today.


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