Music Therapist

A Registered Music Therapist Sees Clients In-Studio, Online and Provides a Mobile Service

At Play Anything Music Therapy, registered music therapist Carlin McLellan, works alongside occupational therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists and speech therapists to support disability-inclusive learning for children and adults. We operate in the Hunter and Central Coast regions and online.

Take advantage of music therapy with NDIS

Play Anything Music Therapy is approved by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which provides aid to people living with disabilities as well as their relatives and care providers. Music Therapy is an approved support and is funded by the NDIS offered under the category of ‘Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living’ as an allied health service in the ‘Therapeutic Supports’ grouping. Recipients of NDIS funding may use their funding to access music therapy sessions if the service is provided by a registered music therapist, is deemed to be reasonable and necessary, and assists in attaining NDIS goals and objectives.

What Sets Play Anything Music Therapy Apart Regarding Music Therapy Online?

We make convenient online sessions available via Skype and Zoom for those who live far away or are unable to travel.

Why can playing and learning music be so beneficial to an individual’s development?

  • We provide individualised treatment plans that enable us to meet your unique needs to effectively assist you in reaching your goals.

  • Play Anything is an experienced provider of online music therapy, or ‘telemusictherapy’. We have been assisting Australians in regional and remote areas since 2018. 

  • We create personalised webapps specific to your goals and interests. Check out our interactive Smoke on the Water webapp.

  • We use the latest, cutting-edge technology to facilitate collaborative music-making, listening and song-writing.

Our services are within reach for everyone, no matter where they live. Everyone deserves music!

Why Trust Play Anything Music Therapy?

Registered Music Therapist Carlin McLellan founded Play Anything Music Therapy in 2017. Everything we do is informed by our mission: To meet the unique needs of each individual, utilising creative and collaborative approaches. 

Carlin encourages his clients to develop their strengths, enhance their wellbeing, and cultivate creative discoveries through music. 

  • Children love singing, dancing, and playing instruments, which means that most kids also love music therapy. Music is a great motivator, especially for children with ASD, ADHD or intellectual disability. Music therapy may help them to improve communication, develop listening skills, participate in games with other kids, unwind and calm down, improve confidence, and develop motor skills and co-ordination. It doesn’t hurt that music therapy is an enjoyable activity and kids are happy to participate.

  • You may already know that music is important to your child. Does listening to or playing music bring comfort during tense episodes, provide vitality and a sense of connection for a worn-out teenager, or assist in expressing pent-up emotions that can’t always be put into words?

Carlin has worked in the disability arena, assisting infants, children and adults, for more than ten years and has presented at national and international conferences about the use of music technology to facilitate accessible music making. Contact us for additional information or to make an appointment. 


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