Collaboratory: An interactive musical installation

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Play Anything Music Therapy officially launched on February 28. To mark the occasion, I constructed 'Collaboratory', an interactive musical installation for visitors to explore as they wandered around the studio. Collaboratory was created to facilitate experimentation and improvisation.

The installation featured a range of different instruments which were modified to allow absolutely anyone (regardless of musical training, ability or physical limitations) to create spontaneous music which was pleasing to hear. Some of the modified instruments included a 'No-wrong-notes Keyboard', Autoharp, Video Theremin, Singing Station, Pitched Bells and even a banana which was wired to produce sound!

As Renew Newcastle's Rayannon Innes writes

“Where Play Anything might differ to other music therapy services is through Carlin’s uniquely inventive approach to experimental sound interactions. Through his keen interest in electronic music, Carlin has modified instruments that work to produce new and engaging experiences for the participants."

Read the full article on the Renew Newcastle Website.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along to the launch, as well as to Renew Newcastle, whose support has been invaluable as Play Anything rolls out our business across Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

Visitors hold hands in order to create sounds from a banana connected to a synth!

Makey-Makey allows everyday items to be transformed into musical objects. This was the hit of the night!


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