Here you will find a selection of our Interactive Webapps. 

Our Webapps were created with an emphasis on accessibility and interactivity.


There are a huge range of music apps and programs currently in the marketplace however many existing apps are expensive, confusing, have a steep learning curve and have poor quality sounds. 

So Play Anything Director Carlin McLellan went about creating a suite of apps which are engineered to be intuitive, easy to navigate and enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities. 


Please note - 

Carlin is a music therapist, not a web developer and he's still learning as he builds these apps. 

Most apps work best on a desktop computer or laptop although they are generally speaking compatible with mobile devices. 

You may notice some sluggishness when using the apps on a mobile device. 

Although these apps are not perfect we hope you will find them enriching and satisfying to use. 

If you have any feedback, suggestions or requests for an app you would like to see built please contact  Carlin McLellan here

Twinkle Star

Assists with: 
  • Executive functioning (Impulse control, Self-monitoring, Task initiation, Planning). 

  • Singing and vocalisation (Musical prompt encourages vocal engagement).

  • Joint attention (Music and visual cues assist with maintaining engagement and interest).

How to use: 

Parents, carers and educators can first model how to use the app for the young person and then provide opportunities for initiation and progression. 

Press on the first star and sing the phrase with the music. Repeat for Stars #2 & #3.

Don't be afraid of repetition (during a single session or over a number of weeks).

Repetition is how we learn.  

Once the child is familiar with the app the support person may provide gentle verbal and/or physical prompting to encourage the child to initiate pressing the picture. 

When prompting a child it may be necessary to allow up to ten seconds for the child to initiate.

If the child does not respond in that time you may continue with modelling the action. 

Play Anything Music Therapy - Stars

Colour Bars


Assists with: 

  • Executive functioning (Impulse control, Self-monitoring, Task initiation, Planning). 

  • Working memory

  • Learning familiar songs

  • Following musical and verbal cues

How to use: 

Simply click on a colour bar to hear the note. 

The colours are the notes of the C major scale as follows: 

C  E  F  G  A  B  C  


Colour bars are useful for using in a range of activities including musical arrangements, playing familiar songs, copying and turn taking activities. 

Please note that this app performs best on a desktop computer or laptop. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 3.57.03 PM.png

This Is The Plan


This app was created to assist educators and therapists using visual schedules for online sessions. 

The app is quite versatile and allows you to upload your own images, type in the name of the activity and check off each activity as completed. 

For a Youtube video showing how to use the app see:

For a version with nine checkboxes see:

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 4.04.17 PM.png

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