Meet Play Anything's team of creative and passionate qualified music therapists.



Registered Music Therapist (MMusThy)

Meet our friendly-faced founder, Carlin! 

Once he completed his Masters of Music Therapy in 2017, Carlin was inspired to embark on creating a Music Therapy studio of his own, Play Anything Music Therapy. Carlin's vision for this business was - and still is - to utilise technology, creativity and innovation to improve outcomes for all people.

Carlin has brought over a decade of experience to Play Anything, supporting people of all ages and abilities to reach their goals and improve wellbeing. Carlin has also presented numerous workshops, spoken at national and international conferences and consulted with industry leaders to share his vision of a more accessible and inclusive society.



Registered Music Therapist (MMusThy)

Ebony is passionate about facilitating music therapy sessions for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Ebony’s main instrument is piano but she also plays guitar, ukulele and sings. Ebony holds a Bachelor of Music (Performance) from the University of Newcastle, and has recently completed her Masters of Creative Music Therapy at Western Sydney University



Registered Music Therapist (MMusThy)

Meet another one of newest team members: Pete!

Pete has been gravitating towards Music Therapy ever since he started his Bachelor of Music in 2013. Pete completed his Masters of Music Therapy at Western Sydney University in 2016.

Pete enjoys finding creative ways to use music to help people reach their goals and improve wellbeing.

Pete's favourite part of the job are those special moments when the client and therapist “click”. Those moments of connection and shared understanding are very special and something that music can help to nurture.