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Music Therapy is a research-driven, evidence-based profession. We work with you to develop a Care Plan that meets your individual needs and goals. 

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We are an NDIS Registered Provider supporting individuals and families to reach their goals through the targeted use of music. 

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We all know that music can transform our mood, help us express feelings, and build meaningful social relationships. At Play Anything Music Therapy we believe that music can help people achieve extraordinay things and live better, more connected lives.

And the research agrees. 

An ever-growing body of peer-reviewed studies shows that music therapy can assist in many areas of a person's life including social skills, communication, emotional regulation and gross and fine motor skills. 

Get in touch to discuss whether Music Therapy is a good fit for you. 

About us


Play Anything Music Therapy is a leading provider of Music Therapy in the Hunter Region and across Australia via our Teletherapy service. We are a team of qualified and passionate Registered Music Therapists supporting individuals of all ages and abilities. 

Play Anything was established by Carlin McLellan in 2017, with a mission to help all people express themselves and reach their goals through the targeted use of music. 

Our dedicated Music Therapy studio is located at Nine Ways Broadmeadow, where we provide individual and group music therapy sessions. We have our own in-house recording studio and a huge collection of traditional and electronic instruments to cater to a range of interests and needs. 

Australian Music Therapy Association
NDIS Registered Provider
Creative Kids NSW

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What happens in a Music Therapy session? 

Music Therapy will look different for everyone, depending on the goals we are working on and the individual's preferences and interests. Music Therapy can include activities such as playing music, moving to music, singing, songwriting and instrumental improvisation. 


Is Music Therapy only for people who are musically trained? 

No. Music Therapy can be for everyone. No musical experience is necessary to engage in and benefit from Music Therapy. We can help you engage in meaningful and fun music experiences, wherever you are at. 

Who can benefit from Music Therapy? 

We work with individuals of all ages and abilities. We are experienced in assisting individuals on the Autism Spectrum, adults and children with Developmental Disabilities, Down Syndrome, Parkinsons, Cerebral Palsy and ADHD. 

Is Music Therapy funded through the NDIS? 

Yes. Music Therapy is funded under the NDIS category Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living Skills.

Play Anything is an NDIS registered provider. We support participants who are self-managed, plan-managed and Agency-managed.  

Is Music Therapy scientifically proven? 

Yes. There is a large and growing body of research demonstrating the benefits of Music Therapy for people at all stages of life and with a range of diagnoses. In Australia, Music Therapists are required to have completed a Masters Degree or equivalent and hold current registration with the Australian Music Therapy Association. 

Have more questions? Contact us below. 

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