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Meet Play Anything's team of passionate and qualified music therapists.

Who We Are: Welcome


BA (Psyc), MMusThy

Registered Music Therapist, Neurologic Music Therapist

Director of Play Anything Music Therapy

Meet our friendly-faced founder, Carlin! 

Carlin founded Play Anything in 2017 with the vision to bring together, music, creativity, evidence-based practice and a whole lot of heart to improve outcomes for all people.

Carlin brings over a decade of experience to Play Anything, supporting people of all abilities, ages and backgrounds. Before training as a Music Therapist, Carlin worked in helping roles including as a Disability Support Worker, Mentor, Assistant Nurse, Youth Worker, Residential House Manager and Program Coordinator. Carlin decided to train as a Music Therapist after he saw first-hand the profound positive emotional, social and cognitive changes that music can bring about. 

Carlin is passionate about facillitating Music Therpy sessions that are engaging, empowering and inspiring. He meets the diverse needs of his clients with creative, evidence based approaches. Carlin has created custom mobile Applications, adaptive instruments and developed inclusive music learning resources to make the benefits of music accessible to everyone. 

Carlin is a current member of the AMTA's Registration Comittee. He has presented numerous workshops, spoken at national and international conferences and consulted with industry leaders to share his vision of a more accessible and inclusive society. 

Who We Are: About


BMus, MMusThy. 

Registered Music Therapist 

Ebony supports children, teenagers and adults through music therapy sessions that are fun, motivating and person-centred. 

Sessions with Ebony can include songwriting, insturmental playing, singing, moving to music and exploring self-regulation strategies. Ebony loves seeing her clients reach their goals while having fun along the way. 

Ebony plays piano, ukulele, guitar and sings. Ebony is also a whiz with electronic music technology and incorporates tools like the Ableton Push and Roli Blocks for clients interested in music production. 

With her own diverse tastes in music, Ebony enjoys supporting participants with a wide range of preferences including, R&B, hip-hop, classical and J-Pop.

Who We Are: About

Imtiaz Chowdhury

BMus, MMusThy. 

Registered Music Therapist 

Imtiaz (Im) is a Music Therapist, Musician and Educator. He has received multiple awards throughout his training, including the highly prestigious Dean’s Medal while completing his Masters of Music Therapy. 

Before pursuing his lifelong passion of changing the world through music, Imtiaz gained over a decade of experience as a researcher and professional in the field of Communications. He has worked in Australia and Bangladesh and his work has been published in international journals.

Im speaks four languages, plays a piano, guitar, drums and sings. Im is a self-described "Learning addict", a seeker of knowledge and a lover of insights. Imtiaz brings together his lifelong passion and over a decade of experience to deliver a holistic approach in meeting the varied needs of his clients. 

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